INVL Bridge Finance Fund (the Fund) seeks long-term stable returns by investing in debt securities of the fast-growing alternative finance sector and in private placements by other undertakings. The targeted companies may have limited access to traditional credit facilities but are capable of ensuring stable cash flows.

Diversifying strategy: the Fund is an attractive addition to investor portfolios due to its low correlation with traditional asset classes and capital market.

Capital preservation: the stable yields and low volatility of corporate asset-backed debt securities help preserve investors’ capital.

Return potential: the Fund benefits from profitable opportunities in the private debt market which is not saturated enough.

Growing segment: the private debt market is undergoing strong growth, and the alternative finance sector is becoming an increasingly important part of financing.


The Fund is managed by UAB Mundus, an asset management company licensed by the Bank of Lithuania. When managing a fund for informed investors, we primarily represent the interests of our investors. Mundus’ equity capital is held by UAB INVL Asset Management, the leading Baltic alternative asset manager.

FUND RESULTS (31.05.2024)

32.01m €

Net Asset Value




Active Investments


Fund Unit Value


Fund Unit Value change over 12 months period


Fund Unit Value change from the establishment

Net Asset Value, m

Return to Investors, %












Viktorija Vaitkevičienė

Director, Management Board

Before joining Mundus, Viktorija was CEO of venture capital fund CoInvest Capital and served as a board member of LitBAN, the business angel network, for four years. From 2009 to 2018, she worked at the national promotional institution Investment and Business Guarantees where she was responsible for the implementation of private equity and venture capital instruments and the selection of fund managers. Viktorija also has experience in insurance, leasing and banking.

Viktorija holds a Master’s degree in Economics from Vilnius University in Lithuania. 

phone: +370 629 16 488

Audrius Matikiūnas

Management Board

Audrius is the Legal Manager of Private Equity Investments at INVL Asset Management, one of the leading asset management companies in Lithuania, and a member of the Board of the Lithuanian Investment Managers’ Association. Prior to that, Audrius was a Compliance Officer at SEB, the international financial group, and a Lawyer at Finasta, where he gained legal experience in management of investment risks and acquired in-depth understanding of financial services regulation.

Audrius holds a Master’s degree in Law from Mykolas Romeris University in Lithuania.

Vincas Lukšas

Investment Manager

Vincas is responsible for managing, raising and monitoring investments at Mundus. Before joining Mundus, Vincas worked at Norne Securities and was a professional stock trader.

Vincas holds a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from ISM University in Lithuania.

phone: +370 636 30 958

Paulius Uziela

Investment Manager

Paulius has extensive experience in investment fundraising and mergers and acquisitions (M&A). Before joining Mundus, Paulius had worked for five years at CoInvest Capital, a venture capital fund. He has also worked in DNB Bank’s Bond Trading Unit and in Deloitte’s Financial Advisory Unit.


Paulius holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from ISM University in Lithuania and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from BI Norwegian Business School in Norway.

phone: +370 635 46 153